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Dice! And other alerts – KS Update 137

At this time, the factory is already moving on from the core game figure molds to the expansion figure molds. The custom dice are finished, and we’ve gotten a sample. I hope 16mm black with red trim works for y’all. The actual game dice (i.e., normal 6-siders) are 12mm black with white pips. If you are getting the 16mm custom dice, I strongly recommend rolling them inside a box top or other enclosed area, because they are large and heavy enough to send figures toppling. The 12mm can be tossed on the map surface without such issues, though if you are one of those pernicious people who always knocks one of their dice off the tabletop, you may want to use a box, too. (We have one tester who as far as I can tell has never yet rolled any battle dice in Cthulhu Wars without dropping one or more on the floor. He’s a plague.)

The factory promises they will have sample copies of Cthulhu Wars for us to show at GenCon, this August. We won’t have enough to sell but at least anyone who drops by can see a complete set. And maybe play a game! We are attending under the name of Petersen Entertainment, at booth 501. This is also Chaosium’s booth – they bought 3 booths this year, and are letting us have one. Thanks, guys!

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