Gambling Board Games

Great Gambling Board Games of The Past

The use of board games to kill time was not developed recently. In fact, the idea of getting board games has been in the air for centuries now. There are a lot of them that we haven’t heard about either. In this article, we’ve made a list of some of the ancient betting board games.


According to the archaeologists and their findings, Senet is believed to be the oldest of all the board games, played around 3100BC, by the Egyptian dynasty. They used ornate boards which are found even today in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Senet boards were long and consisted of three parallel rows. Instead of using dice to determine the count, they used bricks or sticks to determine the movement of the player. The Senate believed that the obstacles they face while moving forward in the game symbolized the souls of the deceased and their movement from the board, symbolized them moving away from their way.


The Royal Game of UR

It is intimidating to figure out the rules of the board games that were played in ancient times. Thanks to Irving Finkel, who submitted the copy of the regulations to the British museum, regarding this game. The book has a detailed description of the instructions and how the game is played. The game was discovered 4500 years ago, and the recent Mesapatomian excavation in 1922 and 1934 revealed the board game of UR. The structure of the board is similar to Senet, with three parallel rows and 20 squares.  Some people also say that the structure is reminiscent of a loaded dumbbell.  In this game, dice are rolled, and the opponents need to reach the other end of the board—the one who manages to arrive first, destroying the obstacles, claims as to the winner. The game was also known to be played across Iran, Iraq, Israel and Egypt.


This game was found after the decline of the Egyptian empire; hence the rules of the game remains pretty unclear to us. According to the encyclopedic Oxford History of Board Games, the game was also called the ‘Egyptian Snake Game’ and was played between 3100BC and 2300 BC. Unlike other bard games, this was a multiplayer game that involved up to six participants. According to the little piece of information collected by the archaeologists, they found that the game involved spiral movement, from the tail to the head to the centre of the spherical marble. The marble also consisted of spiral grooves which made it easier to move the stones around. However, none of the Mehen pieces is found today, and studies also show that the pieces were lost during the decline of the Egyptian empire. The small parts that are found are also stuck in the grooves which adds another intriguing feature to the mysterious game.



The games, as mentioned above, are the top three ancient games that are known to have lost the human touch. There is proof for the existence of many other games as well, like chess, which is still followed and placed bets on.

Gambling Games

The Best Gambling Games Of 2020

The world of casino and casino games have been increasing in number by the days. So much that, in the year 2020, it is almost impossible to stick to one casino game. The number of options provided by both the land-based casinos and the online counterparts has thrown light on some of the most beautiful inventions in the gaming world. However, in this article, we’ve jotted down some other the top casino games that are popular in 2020, and you ought to try them out.



The classic game of Roulette is not alien to the gambling world. The game has been loved and appreciated by many around the world, and the game has not lost its charm even in 2020. If you’ve ever entered a casino or watched movies that include Roulette, you will know that the game is centered around a wheel, which will decide your fortune. The dealer spins the wheel in the clockwise direction, and the ball is rolled in the anti-clockwise direction. you have to bet on a number the ball would stop on. If your prediction is right, then it’s your day. Despite the popularity of the game, they’re hated by many, simply because they cannot understand the odds of the game.


Slot Games

Although they’re famous in the brick and mortar casinos, slots are an online gamblers favourite too. Over recent years, slots have gained immense popularity, and slot machines bring almost 70% of every casino revenue. Over the years, the amount of themes and features that have gone into making the slot machines has only gained customers and increased the number of slot lovers. Technological advancements have set foot to make slots, the most played online casino games. The immense jackpots and offers given by the online casinos have kept the land-based casinos worrying about their progress.


In the 21st century, if you say the word ‘lottery’, you get nothing but cold stares, especially if the game is not accessible in your country. A modern twist to the traditional lottery is called Keno. If you’re an old school gambler and do not want to give up on your favourite games like the lottery, then Keno is the best option for you. The rules are reminiscent of the classic lottery, where you have to choose a number between 1 to 80, after which twenty numbers are drawn randomly. The player gets paid depending on the number he’s drawn. Nowadays, Keno is not only popular in offline casinos, but many of the online counterparts have also introduced Keno.


Texas Hold’Em

It is a classic card-based poker game that is highly popular in the land-based casinos and is recently gaining popularity in the online ones. It is an exaggerated version of poker and sometimes annoying in-between. So before you play this game, you need to have utmost patience. If you’ve played poker before, then the rules are precisely similar to poker, but the only difference is you play against the house and not the players. Hence, the odds of winning this game is mineralized.

Casino Table Games

Top 5 Casino Table Games

As fun as the roulette and slot machines sounds, casinos are not only a place for that but also a popular destination for some of the best table games. Even though you’re a slot machine lover,  nothing can beat the experience of playing table games in a casino. Table games are a classic that never goes out of style, at least not in the near future. Most table games are based on skills, and some are also based on chance, that allows all kinds of users to choose from the lot. The thrill of a live dealer, guiding you through the ways to sabotage and win the other players, is the best part of the experience. Here are the top 5 table games that you ought to try in a casino:


The game originated in the 15th century, by the Italians. Baccarat is a card game whose rules and regulations are quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is place a bet on the dealer’s hand or the player’s hand, or you can also bet on the tie. Some of them bet on all three. The best hand is always the one closest to 9. If the value is over nine, then the hand’s value is subtracted by 10. For instance, if the hand’s value is 7+8, then the value would be 5. It is often played away from the crowd, in a casino to avoid and minimize distractions.


Single deck blackjack

This game is a slightly different version of the classic blackjack. Although this game isn’t as popular as its multideck or the traditional blackjack, it is still considered among table game lovers. However, the chances of winning this game are higher, when compared to the other table games in a casino. With constant practice and persistence, anyone can win this game and also the house edge is as minimal as 1%.


The game developed in the 18th century was immediately gained popularity and was spread across parts of Europe. Roulette is unique when compared to all the other casino table games. Just like the slots, this game is also highly dependent on chance, and all the player has to do is predict the output of where the ball will land, once the wheel stops spinning. The European version has better odds because they contain 0 and 00, unlike their American counterparts. The online version of the table game is equally interactive with a live dealer that gives it a realistic form.


Craps is a fast-paced game, compared to other games like blackjack etc. The crowd and the cheering make the game all the more fun and interesting. It is accommodated by a lot of players, each one wagering on the outcome of the dice. Some bets are even placed against the shooter. Although it sounds a little complex, it is easier when practised. The game is also known for providing the best odds whilst enjoying.

Texas Hold’em

If you’re familiar with poker, then this game would be a piece of cake for you. The game is more traditional and more natural compared to the classic poker game and the only difference being the bet. In Texas Hold’em, you should bet on against the house, instead of betting on the players.


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Horse Racing Board Games

Top 5 Horse Racing Board Games

Horse racing board games are underrated board games that are fun, playful and most importantly played and enjoyed by all groups. The first horse racing board game was introduced in America,  which was a form of gambling. Over the years, the game then expanded to America. Horse racing board games can be used for gambling as well, but in countries where gambling is illegal, you can replace the money with nickels or barter for anything useful to the players. In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 horse racing board game, check them out!

Winner’s Circle

The game is also called the royal turf and involves 2 to 6 players. It consists of seven racing horses, and the players place a secret bet on these horses, on the horse that makes the best chance to win the game. The primary goal of the game is to earn more money than the opposing players. Once the game begins, a die is rolled, which forms the basis of the resulting symbol. It is a quick game that can be concluded in 60 minutes.

Winner's Circle

Win, Pace and Slow

It is considered as one of the best horse racing games, which offers control over the horses. When compared to graphics v/s the gameplay, the game does not shine much in the graphics section. However, it is a sure-shot win for slow players.

Long Shot

This game consists of 10 horses, each of which has a unique ability. When you face your turn, you roll two dice, one of which determines the horses’ move and the other die determines how far the horse can go. If the numbers on the die and the horse you own synchronize, then your horse also moves. You have the options of owning a horse, to place a bet or to play a card. It is a well-planned and straightforward game that can be enjoyed on family night or with friends when you’re bored.

Long Shot

Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

It is a multi-player game that involves almost two to six players. Each player gets stable, with six horses, and take part in six different races. Before the race begins, wagers are placed on each horse. It’s nasty because it lets you knock other horses out of the race, by accusing them of consuming steroid.

Across The Board Horseracing Game

The appearance of the board speaks a lot of the board game. It is a well-polished, wooden good looking horse board game. It has a retro touch to the horses and the board. The game types of equipment also have a sense of decorative element to them. Holes are drilled on these maple or walnut woods, to keep the horses in place. The game follows simple rules like any other rose board games and the wager should be placed on the horses, before the beginning of the game. The entire set of the game consists of cards as well dice, to smoothly run the game.