Card games are nice and fun, only until a certain point. The fact that most card games involve a certain level of expertise or at least knowledge in the field will drive people away from playing such games. What about gambling lovers who do not possess the skills to perform these games? Worry not, because we’ve jotted down the top 10 non-card games that you can bet on:


Wagering on golf games is not something new. But with all the card-game chaos, it seems to have hidden in the bushes. It is fun betting on golf because they can be handicapped. In a gold game, you can bet on things like:

  • The outcome of the game
  • The outcome of around
  • Longest drive
  • Closest to the pin



The pools is the best game to bet on, especially when you’re playing with strangers. It can be enjoyable or go in the opposite direction. The games also welcome a lot of bets; you can win in 8 ball or nine balls, or a per-ball chance. You can bet for yourself or bet against your opponents that they have chicken fingers.


Games like Craps, Farkle or Yahtzee are popular dice games that have been played and gambled on, for centuries now. You can bet on many different factors. In fact, in most dies games, you can bet on every move that the player makes. Sometimes, it’s better than betting on cards.


Board games

There are a lot of board games, including popular games like the monopoly. Betting on board games can be tricky because sometimes there are times where it’ll lead to collisions. Hence it is better to choose the games carefully. Monopoly is by far the best board game to bet on.


It is a game that has been played for thousands of years now. Betting on this game requires specific skills and expertise, it is still an easy game to play, and the best way to win is to figure out when to count your odds and double when it is required.


Wii sports

Of course, you can bet on any of the video games of your choice, but the games on Nintendo Wii are crafted for betting purposes. Boxing, bowling, golf and many other games form the best means of earning money through betting. Only pre-requisite is to know the games well. If you’re not aware of the game, then there is no point in betting on losing money.

Penny hockey

This game is called by different names in different parts of the world. However, the idea behind the game is the same. All you need is three pennies, a flat surface and at least a single hand top play. You have to hit one penny with another. The game would be fun with at least two or more hands.  It was everyone’s school time favourite game.

Penny hockey

Paper football

For those who went to high school in the United States, paper football is a classic time killer. All you have to do is fold the paper in the form of a ball, and try to push it inside the goal post, while the opponent is defending with his fingers. Although it is a kidding game, you can earn money by betting on it.

Foot race

It sounds simple, but you need a couple of people who are interested in playing the game. That’s all the game requires, no skill, no drama.


It is a prevalent form of recreation in many parts of the country. The game requires a little skill, patience and tactic to win every round. Hence, it is an excellent option to place your bets.


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