The world of casino and casino games have been increasing in number by the days. So much that, in the year 2020, it is almost impossible to stick to one casino game. The number of options provided by both the land-based casinos and the online counterparts has thrown light on some of the most beautiful inventions in the gaming world. However, in this article, we’ve jotted down some other the top casino games that are popular in 2020, and you ought to try them out.



The classic game of Roulette is not alien to the gambling world. The game has been loved and appreciated by many around the world, and the game has not lost its charm even in 2020. If you’ve ever entered a casino or watched movies that include Roulette, you will know that the game is centered around a wheel, which will decide your fortune. The dealer spins the wheel in the clockwise direction, and the ball is rolled in the anti-clockwise direction. you have to bet on a number the ball would stop on. If your prediction is right, then it’s your day. Despite the popularity of the game, they’re hated by many, simply because they cannot understand the odds of the game.


Slot Games

Although they’re famous in the brick and mortar casinos, slots are an online gamblers favourite too. Over recent years, slots have gained immense popularity, and slot machines bring almost 70% of every casino revenue. Over the years, the amount of themes and features that have gone into making the slot machines has only gained customers and increased the number of slot lovers. Technological advancements have set foot to make slots, the most played online casino games. The immense jackpots and offers given by the online casinos have kept the land-based casinos worrying about their progress.


In the 21st century, if you say the word ‘lottery’, you get nothing but cold stares, especially if the game is not accessible in your country. A modern twist to the traditional lottery is called Keno. If you’re an old school gambler and do not want to give up on your favourite games like the lottery, then Keno is the best option for you. The rules are reminiscent of the classic lottery, where you have to choose a number between 1 to 80, after which twenty numbers are drawn randomly. The player gets paid depending on the number he’s drawn. Nowadays, Keno is not only popular in offline casinos, but many of the online counterparts have also introduced Keno.


Texas Hold’Em

It is a classic card-based poker game that is highly popular in the land-based casinos and is recently gaining popularity in the online ones. It is an exaggerated version of poker and sometimes annoying in-between. So before you play this game, you need to have utmost patience. If you’ve played poker before, then the rules are precisely similar to poker, but the only difference is you play against the house and not the players. Hence, the odds of winning this game is mineralized.


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