Sauntering about in a casino by checking on every table and machine is the easy way to spend the night. However, those hours of complete carefree strolling and drinking is a great way to spend time off a game. Your eyes are most likely to fall over to the table of craps with all the shouts and cheers. The collective excitement that builds on the craps table goes to unmatchable levels, making it an exciting game by itself. Craps table could have the converse if the dice are cold with players not being able to win any money. It isn’t always best to bet on the game just because you want to make something out of it; watching a part of it can also help you out.

If you are into it for the first time, you have to start learning from the basics to the most advanced rules. There surely are tips and guidelines that that could work in your favor, but in order for those to find a place in your game, you will need to watch more of the game or play it at home before heading to the casino. Let us have a closer look at the basics of craps.

Basics of Craps

Since the game is about math, you need to be adept at handling the calculations. Every bet has a different house edge, and wagering is mostly done with the blended sense of strategy and superstitions. So, you will need to learn not just the techniques for winning the game but also a few aspects that you thought were never a part of casino games. The other players on the table will have other thoughts running on their mind when on the table; being able to read them is a skill that is virtually impossible to gain in the process.


However, you can attain a certain level of expertise to maintain composure on the table and make the right moves. Starting on the online casinos is best as you can practice the game on those platforms before you head to the physical experience with other people. Craps table will have double layouts with a boxman at the center of one side of the table. A stickman stands opposite to the boxman and controls the tempo of the game. You also need to learn more about the layout of the table, the lingo of craps, and the etiquette.


  • Try to stick to the budget that you had set beforehand, and stop when you are spiraling down into the rabbit hole.
  • Dividing your funds can help you have a better picture of what danger lies ahead. Analysis of the situations on each stage of the game becomes easier this way.
  • Quit the game once you are quite ahead in it because the casinos are always at an advantage in the long run with the house edge increasing over time.
  • Try and bet against the dice and take the odds bet.

Keep away from the Big 6, Big 8, and proposition bets.

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