As fun as the roulette and slot machines sounds, casinos are not only a place for that but also a popular destination for some of the best table games. Even though you’re a slot machine lover,  nothing can beat the experience of playing table games in a casino. Table games are a classic that never goes out of style, at least not in the near future. Most table games are based on skills, and some are also based on chance, that allows all kinds of users to choose from the lot. The thrill of a live dealer, guiding you through the ways to sabotage and win the other players, is the best part of the experience. Here are the top 5 table games that you ought to try in a casino:


The game originated in the 15th century, by the Italians. Baccarat is a card game whose rules and regulations are quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is place a bet on the dealer’s hand or the player’s hand, or you can also bet on the tie. Some of them bet on all three. The best hand is always the one closest to 9. If the value is over nine, then the hand’s value is subtracted by 10. For instance, if the hand’s value is 7+8, then the value would be 5. It is often played away from the crowd, in a casino to avoid and minimize distractions.


Single deck blackjack

This game is a slightly different version of the classic blackjack. Although this game isn’t as popular as its multideck or the traditional blackjack, it is still considered among table game lovers. However, the chances of winning this game are higher, when compared to the other table games in a casino. With constant practice and persistence, anyone can win this game and also the house edge is as minimal as 1%.


The game developed in the 18th century was immediately gained popularity and was spread across parts of Europe. Roulette is unique when compared to all the other casino table games. Just like the slots, this game is also highly dependent on chance, and all the player has to do is predict the output of where the ball will land, once the wheel stops spinning. The European version has better odds because they contain 0 and 00, unlike their American counterparts. The online version of the table game is equally interactive with a live dealer that gives it a realistic form.


Craps is a fast-paced game, compared to other games like blackjack etc. The crowd and the cheering make the game all the more fun and interesting. It is accommodated by a lot of players, each one wagering on the outcome of the dice. Some bets are even placed against the shooter. Although it sounds a little complex, it is easier when practised. The game is also known for providing the best odds whilst enjoying.

Texas Hold’em

If you’re familiar with poker, then this game would be a piece of cake for you. The game is more traditional and more natural compared to the classic poker game and the only difference being the bet. In Texas Hold’em, you should bet on against the house, instead of betting on the players.


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