Horse racing board games are underrated board games that are fun, playful and most importantly played and enjoyed by all groups. The first horse racing board game was introduced in America,  which was a form of gambling. Over the years, the game then expanded to America. Horse racing board games can be used for gambling as well, but in countries where gambling is illegal, you can replace the money with nickels or barter for anything useful to the players. In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 horse racing board game, check them out!

Winner’s Circle

The game is also called the royal turf and involves 2 to 6 players. It consists of seven racing horses, and the players place a secret bet on these horses, on the horse that makes the best chance to win the game. The primary goal of the game is to earn more money than the opposing players. Once the game begins, a die is rolled, which forms the basis of the resulting symbol. It is a quick game that can be concluded in 60 minutes.

Winner's Circle

Win, Pace and Slow

It is considered as one of the best horse racing games, which offers control over the horses. When compared to graphics v/s the gameplay, the game does not shine much in the graphics section. However, it is a sure-shot win for slow players.

Long Shot

This game consists of 10 horses, each of which has a unique ability. When you face your turn, you roll two dice, one of which determines the horses’ move and the other die determines how far the horse can go. If the numbers on the die and the horse you own synchronize, then your horse also moves. You have the options of owning a horse, to place a bet or to play a card. It is a well-planned and straightforward game that can be enjoyed on family night or with friends when you’re bored.

Long Shot

Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

It is a multi-player game that involves almost two to six players. Each player gets stable, with six horses, and take part in six different races. Before the race begins, wagers are placed on each horse. It’s nasty because it lets you knock other horses out of the race, by accusing them of consuming steroid.

Across The Board Horseracing Game

The appearance of the board speaks a lot of the board game. It is a well-polished, wooden good looking horse board game. It has a retro touch to the horses and the board. The game types of equipment also have a sense of decorative element to them. Holes are drilled on these maple or walnut woods, to keep the horses in place. The game follows simple rules like any other rose board games and the wager should be placed on the horses, before the beginning of the game. The entire set of the game consists of cards as well dice, to smoothly run the game.


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