Gambling or betting is not just restricted to games on the casino or the online ones that involve money and unknown participants. It can even be extended to the classic board games that we play daily. However, one crucial factor to note is that not all board games are gambling-friendly. This is because some bored games involve luck, whereas others are solely based on skills. Some of the games also include the motto of ‘agree to disagree’. Hence before choosing a game for betting, you need to consider all the aspects to avoid friendly alliances.

That said, gambling or betting on board games can be an overall fun experience as it helps involve the players, without diverting their attention. The kingmaker problem is seen in almost all board games. Betting or putting down money, is an excellent way to hook the players to their seats. Some games are loved by gamblers, which has a potential of betting. Let’s discuss some of these games in this article.



The game dates back to 5000 years and is one of the oldest most popular board games of all times. It was discovered during the archaeological discoveries in Mesopotamia. Two players are involved in the game, and each player has 15 pieces or checkers that can be moved between 24 triangles, once the die is rolled. The games is to get the checkers off the board, first. Whoever manages to do that first, claims the win. The simplicity of the game has caught the gamblers’ eyes. Some of the pro gamblers are experts in this game, and most of them have a basic knowledge of the ways to bet on this game.

Betting on this game involves points, also called the scoring points that will ultimately help you win money.

Wits and Wagers

It is a fun and straightforward game that is solely based on educated guesses. In this game, you can bet on a person’s answers and win money either by guessing, playing the odds or by betting on anyone’s answers. The game occupies almost 20 people in the same, or opposing teams. The questions are fundamental, and you think you know the answer? Then make an educated guess, or bet on your friends’ answers. If you’re right, you win the money. If you’re wrong, you lose money and know an extra piece of information. It is a trivia game.

Wits and Wagers


Yes, this game of skill can be played by betting as well. It falls under one of those games that is very easy to learn but take years to master. A Chess master is always dominant towards a chess player. Hence, if you want to bet against your player on chess, then you need to find someone that matches your skillset, else you lose money. You can bet on the amount per match or even on a series of events. But, one thing to remember is to have enough knowledge and practice, to win the bet.

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